• FAMILY NIGHT – We meet for a potluck at 6:30 on the 2nd Monday night of each month, September thru May.  We have various themes for our meetings including game night, art night, book night, etc.
  • FIELD DAY – In the spring, we celebrate the end of the school year with field day activities for all the kids.
  • FIELD TRIPS – We try to take a field trip once a month to various places in the metroplex.
  • GRADUATION/AWARDS NIGHT – In May, we have a graduation for seniors and an award night for the parents to acknowledge their children’s accomplishments.
  • MOM’S NIGHT OUT – We have various activities for the moms to enjoy.  These include craft/hobby night, going to a restaurant to eat, meeting at Starbucks to relax and visit with one another, and many more.
  • TEEN NIGHT – We have various activities for the teenagers to enjoy, both Jr High and High School age.  They get together to play games, have parties, etc, and build friendships.
  • THEMED PARTIES – We have various holiday parties throughout the year.