Waiver & Indemnity Agreement

I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executor, and administrators, waive and release, hold harmless and indemnify Kaufman Area Christian Homeschool (KACH), its agents and representatives from any loss, claim, or injury regardless of cause that may arise from any KACH meetings, events, activities, or field trips that my family may choose to attend.

To facilitate my family’s participation and in the event of an emergency, I hereby give my permission for KACH, its agents or representatives, to consent to or refuse any emergency medical treatment which they determine in good faith to be in the best interest of my family, including but not limited to, first aid, CPR, or emergency medical/surgical treatment, in the event of an accident or illness involving my family.  I hereby give consent for any such treatment, and understand that I will be responsible for any resulting charges for any such medical services sought.

I hereby grant KACH permission to use my likeness and the likeness of any and all my family members in a photograph in any and all of its publications, including website entries, without payment or any other form of compensation.

I understand that my membership is based on this application and membership fees.

I further realize that to remain a member in good standing requires me to take responsibility for the behavior and actions of my family at all KACH meetings, events, activities, and field trips.